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PANTONE essentials - 6 guide set

PANTONE essentials - 6 guide set

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Product Description
PANTONE Plus Series Essentials – Six indispensible PANTONE Solid & Process Colour guides

PANTONE Plus Series Essentials is an indispensible collection of six guides and resources for the accurate selection, specification and application of Solid and Process colour, including:

  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated guide
  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Uncoated guide
  • COLOUR BRIDGE Uncoated 
  • CMYK Coated
  • CMYK Uncoated

PANTONE Plus Series Essentials offers a total referencing solution boasting the entire Solid Color Range. The Color Bridge guides can be used to select and specify Solid PANTONE Matching System colours and the CMYK Guides allow you to determine how colours will look when reproduced in CMYK process.

PANTONE Plus Series Essentials, is the ultimate colour resource and offers:

  • Six indispensible PANTONE guides in a stylish carry case
  • The accurate way to select, specify and communicate colour
  • Simple to use, chromatically arranged fan book formats
  • 1,341 Plus Series Solid Colours and 2,868 CMYK colours
  • Printed on coated and uncoated Text-weight FSC certified paper
  • PANTONE Color Manager software allows colour updates in popular design applications

All new colours have been specially formulated to print using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press. Ink formulations are provided to aid printers in mixing colors. Includes colour index, lighting evaluation tool and software to update your design applications with the latest colors.


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